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Egypt implements increase in metro ticket prices

The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation implemented an increase in the prices of metro tickets on Monday.


Subway ticket price increase:

  • One zone, nine stations, costs six pounds, up from five pounds.
  • Two zones, 16 stations, costs eight pounds, up from seven pounds.
  • Three zones, 23 stations, costs 12 pounds, up from 10 pounds.

A ticket price of 15 pounds was added for four zones and more than 23 stations.

The price of four zones, more than 23 stations for people with special needs, is at 50 piasters.


Opening of new metro stations

The new increase came after the opening of six new stations: Sudan – Imbaba – Al-Buhi – Arab Nationalism – Ring Road – Rod Al-Farag Axis.

The trial operation with passengers began on Monday as the second part of the third phase of the line.

The third line was operated from Adly Mansour, passing through Kit Kat to the Rod Al-Farag axis.

The third phase of the third line, which extends from the Kit Kat to Cairo University, is currently being operated in a trial run without passengers, in preparation for starting its official operation in the near future.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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