Egypt, ILO discuss job opportunities for Libya returnees

Minister of Manpower and Immigration Ahmed Hassan al-Borai met Thursday with a delegation from the International Labor Organization to discuss incorporating Egyptian workers who have returned from Libya into the local job market. 

In a statement, the minister said the delegates discussed providing job opportunities for the returnees, either inside Egypt or abroad, as well as health care and social assistance for their families.

Al-Borai said that those goals can be accomplished through partnerships with the International Labor Organization and international aid groups such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

The ministry is preparing a list of returnees who were received at its offices, categorized according to age, profession, and demographic distribution. The minister said the assistance scheme will start with returnees from the province of Fayoum, followed by those from Alexandria, Cairo and Assiut and then the rest of the governorates.

In late March, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had overseen the return of more than 260,000 Egyptians by sea, air, and land since unrest erupted in Libya.

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