Egypt honors healthcare workers’ fight against coronavirus with new coins

Egyptian Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait revealed on Thursday new coins bearing the slogan “Egypt Medical Teams”, in honor of the role of Egyptian medical staff in combating coronavirus in the country.

The country’s Public Treasury and Mint Authority honored the increasingly heroic role of the “White Army of Egypt”, by creating 10 million pieces of the one pound coins, and five million pieces of the fifty piasters coins, in recognition of their great efforts to valiantly save the lives of thousands of citizens.

Maait pointed out that the Finance Ministry is committed to develop national awareness of the symbols of human giving, through issuing commemorative coins, to honor history and those that were a part of it. 

The minister assured that on top of the new coins, the state is taking care of its healthcare workers, and an additional package has been approved to improve wages and add an additional 600,000 doctors and nurses to the workforce. 

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