Egypt to fund US$5.5 mn construction of 6 dams in Kenya

The parliamentary Agriculture Committee agreed on the construction of six dams in Kenya to be funded by the Egyptian government for US$5.5 million in order to support the development of water resources in the African country.

The decision came in cooperation with the African Affairs Committee, upon an MoU signed between Egypt and Kenya on August 18, 2016 for the development and running of water resources.

Kenya will be granted the US$5.5 million for the implementation of a water resources management and development project. This will consist of various activities for the optimum usage of water resources and developing the abilities of workers in the field of water resources, said MP Mostafa al-Guindy, chairman of the African Affairs Committee.

The funding will be used to drill 20 groundwater wells and construct six dams, as well as in a pilot project on modern irrigation systems, he said. The project will be implemented within 5 years.

Guindy added that Egypt needs to rebuild relations with African countries and recooperate with Sudan in this regard — at least economically. 
Secretary of the Agriculture Committee, Othman Montaser, said Egypt has been neglecting African relations for 30 years, which allowed other countries and entities that are hostile to Egypt the opportunity to strengthen relations with African countries, including Ethiopia.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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