Egypt exerts strenuous efforts to preserve Sudanese people’s interests

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry asserted that Egypt was exerting strenuous efforts to preserve the interests of the Sudanese people and maintain the state’s institutions, noting that Cairo has been working on banning any harm to the Sudanese people as a result of current crisis and challenges facing neighboring countries.

Interviewed by “Al Qahira News” TV on Sunday night, Shoukry reiterated that maintaining Sudan’s institutions is a very important matter as expressed by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during Sudan’s Neighboring Countries’ Summit held in Cairo in July.

He said discussions were held during a working lunch in N’Djamena on the fringe of the first ministerial mechanism meeting aimed at addressing the ongoing Sudanese crisis.

Shoukry noted that all participants showed deep interest in holding closed-door session among the ministers to implement the directives given to them from leaders of Sudan’s neighbors, adding that another round of talks among experts will be crystallized into outcomes later today within the framework of leaders’ decisions during Cairo Summit.

The most importance thing is giving much attention to implementing an influential mechanism in the countries influenced by Sudan crisis in view of the historic ties binding them, Shoukry noted, adding that there are current contacts with parties in Sudan as regards halting the military actions.

Shoukry reiterated that the mechanism of Sudan neighboring countries should have the ability to deal with various parties in Sudan at the military and civilian levels, pointing that such mechanism will bring together the various parties in Sudan.

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