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Egypt establishes state-of-the-art glass walkway in Aswan

Deputy Governor of Aswan, Ghada Abu-Zeid announced that the “Mamsha Ahl Masr” (The Walkway of Egypt’s People) project on the Old Nile Corniche now includes a state-of-the-art glass walkway in Aswan for the first time, made using the latest techniques.

This glass walkway will allow visitors to enjoy the views of the Nile at Aswan, she explained, and comes as part of the state’s ongoing development and beautification in Aswan, considered Africa’s capital of youth, culture and economy.

In a press statement, Abu-Zeid said that the walkway project on the Old Nile Corniche will measure at four km long, with three levels based on Pharaonic and Nubian aesthetics. It will features spaces and benches alongside a variety of pergolas, shops and cafes, with overlapping green spaces and palm trees.

She stressed the importance of ensuring that work goes swiftly according to schedule, with development currently focusing on paving, development and beautification.

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