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Egypt establishes new tourist walkway from Grand Egyptian Museum to the pyramids

The Giza Governorate Media Center announced that development of the area surrounding the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is continuing.

The Governor of Giza, Ahmed Rashid, is following up on the project to establish the international tourist walkway linking the GEM and the Pyramids area, the center added.

This walkway extends for a length of 1,270 km and is divided into three parts, with a width ranges from 11.5 m to 27.5 m.

Rashid assigned the head of al-Haram district to follow up the development on the ground, in coordination with the implementing agencies to remove any obstacles to the project.

He pointed out that the General Administration of Giza Traffic, in coordination with the implementing company, has placed information signs in the work area.

According to Rashid, the archaeological area includes services next to the new entrance for the pyramids area – there will be a police point, a civil defense building, an ambulance building, in addition to an administrative building for antiquities inspectors, and several environmentally friendly restaurants.

He also reviewed the follow-up work on the beautification of the entrance to Fayoum Road, in addition to the sites and points being supported by green spaces and site coordination, renovating fences as well as lighting means, and the development of sidewalks on both sides of the road.

Development work includes the al-Remaya Square, expanding the road from the square to the Ring Road, and developing the area located below the Ring Road in Kafr Ghatati area, starting from the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road to Mansouriya Road.

Rashid added that the planting of palm trees, trees, irrigation system, and electricity work surrounding the GEM have completed.

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