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Egypt establishes ‘humanitarian kitchen’ to prepare meals for Gaza

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society have agreed to establish and operate a “humanitarian kitchen” in Egypt’s city of Sheikh Zuweid, with meals to be prepared daily and transported to the Gaza Strip.

This came during meeting on Monday chaired by Minister of Social Solidarity and Vice-President of the board Nevine al-Kabbaj.

A statement from the Ministry of Social Solidarity said that the board also agreed to make the necessary efforts in coordinating to intensify the society’s efforts and assist its counterpart, the Palestinian Red Crescent, inside the Gaza Strip.

The board also agreed to ensure the sustainability of the humanitarian services provided in the long term, and highlight the role of the Egyptian Red Crescent as an active partner with many institutions and organizations operating inside Gaza.

The meeting also discussed the agenda, with a proposed budget approved to strength the capabilities of the Egyptian Red Crescent to respond within the Gaza Strip, and continue to establish camps according its operating plan.

Kabbaj reviewed the amount of aid provided to Gaza since the beginning of the war until the past few days through 40 countries and 13 international organizations – a total of 111,490 tons of aid entered through 7,179 trucks, which varied between food aid, pharmaceutical supplies, and subsistence.

The aid provided by the Egyptian state and civil society organizations represented 37,220 tons from the total aid provided, according to the statement.

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