Egypt dismisses 1,070 teachers for ‘extremist thoughts’

Minister of Education Tarek Shawki announced that the ministry has dismissed 1,070 teachers for adopting extremist ideas, with some having been sentenced to death while others remain fugitives outside Egypt.

Legal procedures were taken after the allegations against the teachers were verified, Shawki stated at a press conference at the ministry’s headquarters Monday.

The measure comes to cleanse the ministry of any destructive ideas and extremist political thoughts, he said, stressing that teachers must meet certain criteria to be eligible for teaching.

Shawki also announced the launch of the largest electronic portal for public and private school job postings.

The ministry is ready to make yearlong contracts with 120,000 teachers for a year. The contracts are able to be renewed for three years, according to the minister.

Those interested can register their data on the portal and the ministry will contact them when needed, he added.

He said that the 120,000 teachers will be hired outside of the state budget because there is no budget for fixed contracts with them. He added that the ministry has LE1.6 billion available to contract with the 120,000 teachers, whereas it suffers from a shortage of up to 320,000 teachers.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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