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Egypt develops the area between Sphinx Airport and Saqqara Pyramid to be among the world’s top tourist attractions

The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry signed a cooperation protocol with the General Authority for Tourism Development to prepare a strategic plan for the area located between Sphinx International Airport and the Saqqara Pyramid area.

Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Youmna al-Bahar explained Wednesday, that this protocol is the beginning of joint cooperation due to the authority’s technical capabilities and experience in tourism development.

She added that the area between the airport and the Saqqara Pyramid area was identified for the first phase of the project, as it includes one of the most important global sites registered on the World Heritage List, and the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Bahar noted that the area requires concerted efforts to market it locally and internationally, in order to qualify it to occupy a unique position on the global tourism map.

She added that this will contribute to achieving the goals under two main pillars  the National Tourism Strategy is based on – improving tourism experience and bettering the investment climate.

In accordance with this protocol, Bahar confirmed that the authority has already begun to take tender procedures to prepare the strategic plan for the region, inviting a number of consulting offices and expert houses specialized in this field.

The authority’s work team will undertake all technical and procedural competencies necessary to enact the protocol, as well as follow-up the implementation of all work required for the required strategic plan within the specified time-frame, evaluate the interim results and the final report, and ensure the quality of the final output.

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