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Egypt denies entry of respiratory virus through arrivals from abroad

The Media Center of the Egyptian Cabinet denied rumors that a new respiratory virus had entered Egypt through arrivals from abroad.

The center said that it contacted the Ministry of Health and Population for confirmation that the claims are false.

According to a statement by the center, the Ministry of Health stressed that the health situation in Egypt is completely stable at this, with no outbreak of epidemics throughout the country.

The ministry indicated that Egypt has a surveillance and investigation program for epidemiological diseases that works in the early detection and monitoring of any disease outbreaks, while applying all precautionary measures at Egyptian airports and ports for those arriving from countries with known epidemics.

It urged citizens not to be misled by false rumors and obtain information from official sources.

The center appealed to all media outlets and social media users to ensure accuracy and objectivity in publishing news, and to communicate with the relevant authorities to confirm any information in order to prevent confusion or panic amongst the public.

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