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Egypt delays implementation of minimum hotel night rate increase

The Egyptian government has postponed the implementation of the increase in the minimum remuneration for accommodation in hotel establishments, scheduled to be implemented early in May until November as a result of the impact the Russian-Ukrainian war has left on the tourism sector’s revenues.
The opinions of tourism workers varied between supporting the postponement of the decision in light of the repercussions of the war on the global economy, while others think that the application of the minimum increase will help in maintaining the quality of service provided to tourists.
In a first, Egypt raised the minimum fee for accommodation in hotel establishments to US$40 for five-star hotels and $28 for four-star hotels first applied in November.
The second increase in the minimum value will be $50 for five-star hotels, $40 for four-star hotels, $30 for three-star hotels, $20 for two-star hotels, and $10 for one-star hotels, was scheduled for May 1 before postponing it to November 2022.

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