Egypt court upholds imprisonment for Tik Tok girl over indecent content

The Child Juvenile Court in Egypt upheld on Tuesday the imprisonment term for Nancy Ayman, known on social media as Moka Hegazi for one year, on the grounds that her charges were of gross indecency.

Mina Nagy, the defendant’s lawyer, had submitted an appeal against her one-year prison sentence.

This had been previously issued by the Child Juvenile Court in Giza, on the grounds of accusing her of engaging in immoral acts in return for money and advertising herself with the intention of sexual temptation.

The competent investigative authorities referred Hegazi to the Juvenile Misdemeanour Court to start her trial, accusing her of practicing immorality and posting videos that harm modesty and incite immorality and gross indecency.

The investigations said that the girl launched a page on Tik Tok website and linked it to her account through an Instagram application.


She also created a page on YouTube and began posting videos with the help of another suspect still yet to he named.

The girl admitted to publishing the aforementioned videos, despite the warning of many of her close associates and followers of the danger of these videos, and that it might lead to legal accountability.

The girl said that her purpose of creating the aforementioned pages is to bring more followers and views, and invest that in attracting advertisers and making financial profits from this, given the lack of any stable sources of income anywhere else.

She added that a young man helped her create these pages and suggested some videos and ideas for filming them.


He was sharing with her by filming these clips, and publishing them on Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram, and he was coordinating with regard to advertisements for shops.

Investigations revealed that the girl had engaged in illegal relations with some young men, some of them for money and others for free.

The investigation authorities kept video clips of the suspect, proving her involvement in publishing indecent content that violates the standards and values of society.

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