Egypt court sentences men to death for attempted rape, murder

The Mansoura Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced two men to death who attempted to rape and ended up murdering one of the man’s wife.

The incident dates back to June 2020, when Hussein, the husband of the victim Eman, allegedly contracted another man, Ahmed, to rape his wife so he could avoid paying settlements for divorce.

The husband gave Ahmed the keys to his house and stayed out for some time to allow him to break in. However, the woman defended herself against the assault and her aggressor strangled her.

The judge said that both men are partners in the attempted rape and murder of Eman, and sentenced them to the same punishment.

The court witnessed a state of joy from the victim’s family after the verdict was issued, with many chanting “Long live justice.”

The husband had made a detailed confession during the Public Prosecution’s investigations. He said that he did not want to kill his wife, but put her in a situation where he could divorce her without the financial burden.

He added that he was wishing to marry another woman.

He pointed out that his family refused his divorce to his wife, as the victim was from a good family, religious, and of high moral character.

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