Egypt court fines Mohamed Ramadan LE 300K over his issue with Amr Adib

The Cairo Misdemeanor Economic Court has fined actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan LE 300,000 and obligated him to pay civil compensation costs of LE 10,000 after convicting him of charges of slander, defamation, and misuse of social media leveled against him by TV host Amr Adib.

The spat between Adib, host of “al-Hekaya” (The Story) show on MBC Misr Channel, and Ramadan stems from the issue of late pilot Ashraf Aboul Yousr.

Aboul Yousr was banned by the authorities from flying permanently after he allowed Ramadan to sit in the pilot’s seat of cockpit and take photos and videos in October of 2019.

Adib has supportive of Aboul Yousr’s case who had at the time demanded millions of pounds in compensation from Ramadan.

The lawyer representing Aboul Yousr, Magdy Helmy, stated that his client suffered material and moral damages after Ramadan published a picture on social media in a plane’s cockpit in October 2019.

In April 2021, the Cairo Economic Court awarded Aboul Yousr with a six million LE lawsuit against Ramadan.

Initially Aboul Yousr had wanted LE25 million in damages.

Aboul Yousr died the same month only 20 days after he won the legal battle against Ramadan.

His attorney Magdy Helmy announced that his client had passed away in a private hospital after suffering from health issues.

After Aboul Yousr’s death, Adib accused Ramadan of being responsible for his ailing health after refusing to compensate him for the damages to his career.

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