Egypt constructs 6 dams, lakes to store flood waters

Egyptian Irrigation Minister Mohamed Abdel Aty inaugurated six dams and lakes to store flood waters in the Red Sea governorate to protect the cities of Ras Ghareb and Hurghada from the dangers of floods during his visit to the governorate on Sunday.

The Irrigation Ministry is designing flood protection facilities on the basis of the highest rainfall recorded in the last 100 years, Abdel Aty said.

He added that the ministry has an operations room with all officials of the country, working 24 hours and monitoring every site in Egypt to prepare for any rains and floods.

Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah said that the cost of the first phase of the protection measures from the flood hazards in the cities of the province amounted to LE 400 million.

He explained that these projects included the construction of dams and storage lakes from Ras Ghareb in the north to Halayeb and Shalateen in the south, which will contribute to increasing the capacity of the reservoir.

In his review of flood protection projects, Abdallah said that global climate change has changed the map of the four seasons, resulting in natural disasters beyond the capabilities of the Great Power, resulting in loss of lives and infrastructure in billions.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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