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Egypt confirms two cases of EG-5.2 coronavirus strain

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed on Tuesday that two positive cases of the COVID-19 virus variant EG-5.2 have entered the country.

The infected showed mild symptoms and are recovering from infection, the ministry added.

Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine, Amr Qandil, reassured citizens that this new strain does not require any additional preventive measures as it is weaker than previous variants.

The Ministry of Health boasts a strong surveillance system to detect all viral variants, whether dangerous or non-dangerous, he added.

Qandil explained that the ministry applies a monitoring system in several hospitals and outpatient clinics to detect viral infections. Throat and nose swab samples from patients are closely examined for influenza, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus.

The symptoms of EG-5.2 are mild, according to the ministry, but it still recommends vaccination with booster doses, especially for groups most vulnerable to infection like the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and those suffering from a compromised immune system.

It also advised continuous disinfection of hands and surfaces, wearing masks in crowded or poorly ventilated areas, and keeping a healthy, nutritious diet.

Egyptian Presidential Advisor for Health and Prevention Affairs Mohamed Awad Tag-Eddin warned on Monday that the coronavirus threat is not over, as the “EG.5” strain continues its spread.

During a phone interview with the Extra News channel, Tag-Eddin explained, “We are not in a state that calls for concern or panic, and the coronavirus pandemic will not end because it has become part of the prevailing respiratory viruses around the world.”

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