Egypt below war-torn Iraq in well-being rankings

Egypt has occupied a low ranking below war-ravaged Iraq and Yemen in the 2014 well-being index released by the Gallup Center on Wednesday.
Egypt ranks 129th among 145 countries covered by the 2014 Country Well-Being Rankings Report, which maintains Panama on top of the chart while placing Afghanistan at the bottom.
In its assessment, the center relied on a number of factors, including the extent to which citizens feel motivated to seek their goals, how much they like where they live, and to what extent can they manage their economic life to reduce stress.
The center said its data was “based on an estimated 146,000 interviews with adults across 145 countries and areas, conducted January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2014”.
The center said the digits reflect a decline in the number of respondents who feel satisfied with their social conditions.

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