Egypt authorizes Greece to sponsor Egyptians expats in Qatar

Egypt declared on Monday that it has assigned the Greek Embassy in Qatar to follow up on the interests of Egyptian citizens currently based in Qatar following the diplomatic relations cut issued by Egypt.

According to a statement released from the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Egyptian demand addressed to Greece to undertake the tasks of the closed Egyptian Embassy in Qatar was met by approval from the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Kotzias.

“Due to the solid bilateral relations between Egypt and Greece, the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister welcomed, during a phone call with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry that his country’s embassy in Qatar will provide care for the Egyptians expats there, instead of the closed Egyptian Embassy,” the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Egypt and three other Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain decided in the early hours of Monday morning to cut diplomatic relations with the Arab Gulf country, Qatar. Yemen and Libya followed suit shortly after than.

The decision to cut diplomatic relations decision came as the aforementioned countries addressed charges to Qatar of destabilizing their national security and sponsoring terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ‘Islamic State’ (IS).


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