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Egypt authorities detain TikTok influencer over debauchery

Egyptian judicial authorities renewed the detention of TikTok influencer “Bebo Dumbbell” for 15 days pending investigations into accusations of debauchery and slandering state institutions.

The Public Prosecution also ordered speedy investigations into the incident.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the suspect owns a large number of different accounts on social media, which he uses to publish his video clips with the aim of profiting by attracting millions of views.

The investigations found that the suspect deliberately ridiculed state institutions, as well as publishing words and content that contradicted public taste.

The prosecution thus charged him with spreading debauchery, mocking public institutions, and threatening the internal security of the state.

Police detectives at the Khalifa Police Department arrested Bebo Dumbbell, after the monitoring unit followed him after videos of him spread on social media that mocked the state authorities, and contradicted public morals.

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