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Egyptian authorities deny rumors of transfer of ownership of Giza Zoo


The official spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mohamed al-Qersh, denied transferring the ownership of the Giza Zoo and Orman Park to any internal or external party.

During a telephone conversation with al-Hayat TV satellite channel, on Sunday evening, Qersh said that Giza Zoo and Orman Park belong to the ministry, and are not valid to transfer their ownership to any other party.

He added that the development of the Giza Zoo and Orman Park is under the directives of the political leadership by developing all available assets to reach the best possible service and the best possible quality for the Egyptian citizen.

Qersh pointed out that the development of the Zoo and the Orman Zoo is in order to make it suitable for the Egyptian citizen.

He noted that the zoo lost some international accreditations in 2004. Therefore, the Ministry is seeking to develop the two parts to restore these international accreditations.

Qersh explained that over the previous periods, the zoo did not receive sufficient attention, and it was necessary to provide financial costs, in order to reach a level comparable to the best international parks.


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