Egypt at the center of the second wave of coronavirus, citizens must be cautious: official

Assistant Egyptian Health Minister Noha Assem said on Thursday morning that Egypt is at the center of the second wave of coronavirus, stressing that citizens need to be cautious amid the rapid increase in the numbers of infections.

During an interview with the state-owned TV show ‘Sabah Al Khair ya Masr’ [Good Morning Egypt], Assem said that public adherence to the precautionary measures will affect the fate of the infection curve.

She stressed that everyone is responsible for his or her behavior and the people around them, especially if they are among vulnerable populations.

Assem stated that since the onset of the pandemic, 80 to 85 percent of coronavirus cases have been classified as asymptomatic or mild.

She reiterated the need for everyone to practice caution, whether they felt symptoms or not, adding that the incubation period for the virus ranges between three to 15 days.

Egypt’s Health and Population Ministry announced 911 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, compared to 788 on Tuesday, 718 on Monday, and 664 on Sunday.

Egypt has now recorded a total of 127,972 confirmed cases, 107,961 recovered cases, and 7,209 virus-related deaths.

Government officials continue to urge the public to adhere to precautionary measures against the virus, and the Egyptian Cabinet has called on authorities to strictly enforce the country’s mask mandate, which applies to all public transportation and indoor public spaces.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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