Egypt asks Libya to protect its nationals, release detainees

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has officially requested the Libyan government to secure the lives of Egyptians living there, and to release all Egyptians detained in Libyan prisons.

Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Egyptians Abroad Mohamed Abdel Hakam said that the ministry is exerting all efforts to bring back Egyptians from Libya. He said that 388 Egyptian citizens arrived on Tuesday by road through the Salloum port, while hundreds flocked to the Libyan-Tunisian border region.

He also said that 902 Egyptians on Tuesday arrived at Ras Jdir in Tunis, where they were met by the ministry’s task force, which provided them with the necessary assistance in preparation for transferring them back to Egypt.

He added that another 189 Egyptians were flown back on board a plane sent by the International Organization for Migration.

In other news, Abdel Hakam said that the Italian authorities arrested six Egyptians on charges of illegal immigration near the coast of Siracusa on the Italian island of Sicily.

He added that the Italian authorities agreed to the ministry’s request to deport them without trial. They are expected to arrive in Cairo on Thursday on board an EgyptAir flight.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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