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Egypt among Top 10 most searched destinations on Google for travel in 2023: Le Monde

Egypt was included in the list of the ten most searched countries to travel to in 2023 on Google, according to French newspaper Le Monde.

The top ten most searched countries were Egypt, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus, Thailand, Malta, and Morocco.

The newspaper said that Egypt is a popular destination in people’s imagination, home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth with a vibrant and unique culture.

Explorers and tourists flock to its cities, such as Cairo and Luxor, to immerse themselves in their history. There is a host of temples and tombs to tour, alongside activities such as snorkeling.

Ancient history is one of the main attractions, with sights such as the pyramids of Giza drawing in droves of tourists.

Luxor and Karnak are essential stops, while Abu Simbel is worth the day trip from Aswan.

Nubian villages in the south preserve the traditions of an indigenous group that are important to the country’s identity.

The cuisine is also unique, and can be enjoyed on the street or at a private dinner in the Rose Garden in the Winter Palace in Luxor.

The year-round sunny climate also makes Egypt an attractive destination in any season.

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