Egypt #2 among Arab countries in handling coronavirus crisis: Cabinet

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Media Center on Saturday cited a Bloomberg report among its own report showing that Egypt ranked second best among Arab countries in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Of the 53 countries total, Egypt came in 25th place.

Classification was based on flexibility in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, with Egypt scoring 63.2 points, ahead of Turkey which scored 60.6 points, and Saudi Arabia with 59.6 Points.

India scored 58.1 points, Brazil 56.2 points, Italy 54.2 points, France 51.6 points, and finally Mexico at 37.6 points.

The report listed the various reasons behind why Egypt obtained such a high rank in its classification. Among these is that it holds the second highest expected growth rate of all the countries included in the report.

Egypt also sees one of the lowest monthly COVID-19 infection rate, with seven cases per 100 individuals, and one of the lowest coronavirus death rates globally at 64 deaths per million individuals.

Regarding vaccine supply agreements, the report showed that Egypt is among the nations signing the most vaccine supply contracts, scoring three out of five points in the index.

And according to the report, Egypt came was among five economies out of the ranked countries expected to achieve growth in 2020 – with its growth rate this year expected to reach 3.6 percent while Egypt’s previously achieved growth in 2019 was 5.6 percent.

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