Education not a state priority, says minister

Minister of Higher Education Hani Helal on Tuesday said education is not a state expenditure priority.

“But it is a top priority for families and we hope this will be reflected on the state,” he said at the Shura Council's education committee metting.

Technical education suffers from over-enrollment, Helal added. In light of this, he said, the ministry will work to enable technical students to study at technological facilities and pursue post-graduate studies.

Helal rejected the idea of establishing a ministry for technical education, saying those countries that formerly had such ministries have since abolished them.

Analysts believe neglected education is to blame for unemployment in Egypt which, in turn, drives the youth to emigrate in search of better living standards.

Egyptian education does not equip students with the skills necessary to start private businesses, analysts also contend. Students suffer from inadequate resources, unequal opportunities and a lack of governmental support.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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