Education ministry staff protest in Gharbiya

Gharbiya–Employees of the General Authority for Educational Buildings staged a protest yesterday in front of the Tanta branch in Gharbiya, complaining that Minister of Education Ahmed Zaki Badr has canceled their annual bonus and that he portrayed them as a source of corruption.

About 350 architects, administrators, and technicians dressed in black and carried mock coffins during the demonstration, rejecting minister Ahmed Zaki Badr’s demand for an apology, saying that Badr was the one to fuel the crisis through accusations he made on several TV programs.

The protesters said that, besides the cancellation of their annual bonus for the first time in twenty years, Badr is also responsible for depriving staff of medical care.

Employees threatened to go on their strike if their bonuses are further delayed, and demanded that the minister reactivate their medical benefits and apologize to them.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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