Education minister: Will expel university security guards and allow veils

Egypt’s Minister of Education Ahmed Gamal Eddin Moussa said previous court orders to expel police officers from universities and allow face-veiled students to access exams and university dormitories will be implemented.

An Egyptian court earlier decided to remove security guards from universities–considering them to endanger universities' independence. Moreover, courts had canceled former Higher Education Minister Hani Helal decision to ban face-veils from exams.

However, these rulings were not implemented during the rule of former president Hosni Mubarak due to the security apparatus’ total control over university campuses and activities.

Meanwhile, Cairo University is dismissing security guards and forming a security unit of personnel unaffiliated with the Interior Ministry.

University president Hossam Kamel told reporters on Saturday that the council of deans has heeded the demands of the 25 January revolution and will meet with professors and students to discuss various issues it has brought up.

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