Education minister to resume surprise tours

A source at the Ministry of Education has stated that Minister Ahmed Zaki Badr has a plan for field observation of Egypt’s schools, which will consist of surprise visits to schools in an attempt to restore discipline.

Around 108 teachers and workers from El-Khulafaa’ El-Rashedeen school in Helwan staged a sit-in protesting the minister’s recent decision to transfer them to schools in different areas.

They called on Badr to apologize and vowed to continue their demonstration until the decision is revoked. Teachers defended themselves against accusations of negligence toward their students. They also threatened to complain to Helwan’s governor, Qadry Abu Hussein, if "arbitrary decisions were not stopped."

Abdallah el-Khouli, the school’s headmaster, said he explained to the minister that he was late for school due to health problems, but the latter ridiculed him and decided to transfer him to Minya.

Badr made a surprise visit to the school on Monday and was disappointed by signs of negligence.

The ministry source said that Badr will continue to visit schools around the country, adding that the minister insists schools in Upper and Lower Egypt will get equal attention.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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