Early indicators show overwhelming success for Cairo NDP candidates

Initial results from the vote count now in process are showing that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) has taken control of most of Cairo's constituencies.

NDP candidates for the professionals and workers seats in Sahel constituency in Cairo, Ali Radwan and Sayyed Rostom, are taking the lead according to preliminary results.

Another electoral district in Shubra, Cairo witnessed a victory by Youssef Botrous-Ghali, the Minister of Finance and the NDP's candidate for the professionals seat, while the workers seat was also seized by an the party's candidate, Mohamed Sosta.

In Rod al-Farag constituency in Cairo, the NDP professional candidate, Abdel Rahman Rady, is also reported to be heading off his rivals.

Meanwhile the Shubra District constituency has become a stage for escalating competition between the NDP's Fady al-Habashy and Wafd's Ramy Lakah, for whom Egypt's Coptic Pope Shenouda III reportedly voted.

The ruling party remains on top in another two districts in Cairo, with both Ihab al-Omda and Petroleum Minister Sameh Fahmy at the forefront.

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