E-customs services offered to private sector

The Customs Authority last week held a bid for private-sector companies to provide electronic customs services in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said for an initial investment cost of some LE300 million.

Four companies have already submitted their offers, which will be examined on 10 August.

“The bid will go to the company that is most experienced in this field and that has a solid financial position,” said authority president Ahmed Seoudi.

“Clients won’t have to come in person and go through tedious red-tape procedures anymore,” said Seoudi, adding that the ultimate objective was to expand the new service nationwide.

“All permits and clearances will be obtained electronically, payment will be through the banks we deal with, and clients will be able to trace their cargo at all stages,” he explained, adding that another advantage of the new system was that it would eliminate the possibility of forging of documents.

The Customs Authority has so far this year realized LE15 billion in custom duties and LE18 billion in sales taxes, which was 106 percent higher than its original target.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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