The drowning man who saved those sitting on the beach

Euromoney is a British company that organizes conferences, provides consultation and publishes financial analyses. It is not an international entity that accredits or discredits, although its reports and conferences may give a negative or positive impression of a certain economy.
Only a limited number of renowned foreign dignitaries and senior leaders from international companies operating or wishing to operate in Egypt were invited to its conference in Cairo. It is the prerogative of the company and its Egyptian partner. But I would like to draw attention to an opportunity that the conference can seize in order to overcome the factors that may have a negative impact on it.
One such factor is the recent diplomatic problem between Egypt and the United Kingdom against the backdrop of the judicial rulings in the case known as “The Marriott Cell.” The United Kingdom is concerned about Egypt not having set a date yet for President Sisi’s visit to London, although he was formally invited.
The visit may not take place at all because Egypt sees Britain, the issuer of the Balfour Declaration, as hosting terrorist groups that deceitfully wear the cloak of Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, Britain is resisting Egyptian efforts to solve the Libyan problem and strengthen Libya’s national state institutions.
Add to this the fact that the conference ignored Russian and Asian companies, although it is clear that Egypt is restoring relations with that part of the world so as to diversify its ties.
It is true that Euromoney has nothing to do with politics and does not accept any politicization of its work. Still, politics does not leave anyone alone.
But the conference, which many believe will fail, just like the strategic dialogue between Egypt and the United States failed in just a few hours, has a chance to succeed.
The opportunity that the conference can seize lies 1,550 meters below the Mediterranean. I am talking about the gas field that was discovered by the Italian Eni company, which promises tremendous reserves. It made the headlines of the news all over the world and was the talk of global capital markets.
The conference can shed light on the positive impact of the discovery on Egypt and the international companies that work in the energy field.
The drowning man who can save those sitting on the beach is this very gas field.

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