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Dramatic thriller ‘Flight 404’ drops its first poster, premieres in Egypt on January 25

The drama film “Flight 404” has unveiled its first poster, gearing up for an Egyptian launch on January 25th and soaring through Arab cinemas on February 1st.

Fragments of the protagonist Ghada’s story unfold – a looming deadline for her Hajj pilgrimage met with a sudden financial emergency. Flight 404 promises a tale of resilience and hope in the face of adversity. To chase her spiritual dream, Ghada must confront the demons she left behind.

Can she navigate the murky waters of old relationships without getting sucked back in?

Flight 404 explores the cost of second chances.

Those are the queries that screenwriter Mohamed Ragaa posed through the scenario that received the Sawiris Award for young writers and screenwriters in 2015.

“Many stories were spread about the film’s plot. I don’t want to reveal its events, for the audience will watch the film soon. After so many years of patience, the exceptional team of production, directing and acting turned this dream into a tangible reality,” he explained.

Promoting the film, director Hani Khalifa highlighted its originality, stating that it offers a cinematic experience unlike any other.

The film’s captivating story-line is penned by screenwriter Ragaa and directed by Hani Khalifa, marking their first collaboration – which promises further intriguing projects in the future.

Khalifa said, “I think that whoever watches the film will get personally involved in its dilemma. Basically, the events cannot be predicted. It’s a pleasure to work with Mona Zaki again, after presenting Sleepless Nights. I was looking forward to working with her again because of her exceptional talent.”

Mona Zaki stated that, “I’m so grateful for the long journey I had with the film. In fact, I love this film so much. The journey started many years ago, when I was filming the Asia Series, particularly in 2013.I was filming numerous works then so it had to be postponed.”

She added, “Nevertheless, I fell in love with the film when I first read the script. I got attached to the characters in addition to the story that takes place over three days. It has a certain precision in storytelling that will attract whoever watches the film.”

Acclaimed actress Mona Zaki heads a talented cast with renowned guest stars, including Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Shereen Reda, Khaled al-Sawi, Mohamed Alaa, Hassan Al-Adl, Sama Ibrahim, Shadi Alfons, Rana Rais, Gihan al-Shamashergy, and Arfa Abdel Rassoul.

The film is produced by Mohamed Hefzy and Shahinaz Al-Akkad, through their Film Clinic and Lagoonie Film Production in co-production with Saudi Arabia’s Pictures Entertainment group and Hi Media Production.

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