Dozens march around Tahrir Square, demand civilian rule

Dozens of protesters marched around Tahrir Square after Friday prayers, demanding retribution for protesters killed since the 25 January revolution began, social justice, halting natural gas exports to Israel, and a swift transition to civilian rule.

The march did not disrupt traffic in the square. Protesters urged people at Omar Makram mosque and the Mugamma administrative building, both located on the square, to participate in the celebrations planned for 25 January to commemorate the anniversary of the uprising the overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak.

Mazhar Shahin, the imam of Omar Makram mosque, participated in the march. During the demonstration, protesters raised images of the revolution's martyrs and the image of a military soldier who is currently on trial for joining Tahrir protesters in uniform last November.

On Monday, 54 political parties and movements called for nationwide protests on 25 January to demand a swift transfer of power from military to civilian rule.

The groups listed their demands in a joint statement: the handover of power to an elected civilian president by April, the release of all activists currently in detention, an end to military trials for civilians, and the imposition of a minimum and maximum wage.

Also in the statement, the groups called for a national dialogue over the selection process for the 100-member constituent assembly that will draft a new constitution.

The statement stressed that the assembly must draft a constitution that puts Egypt back on track to becoming a superpower in the Middle East and better distributes power in the political system it forms.

It also stressed the need to restructure the Interior Ministry and create an independent judicial commission to investigate the killing of protesters and refer the accused to speedy trials.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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