Doctors suspend sit-in during Ramadan

Protesting doctors have decided to suspend their sit-in at the Doctors Syndicate during Ramadan, saying that continuing the sit-in during this month would be difficult for protesters who are fasting.

The doctors are demanding greater security for hospitals following a spate of attacks on medical personnel and emergency rooms. The Qasr al-Aini Hospital suffered two attacks last week before closing the ER to the public.

The doctors released a statement in which they assured that they are not suspending the sit-in because they are satisfied with the reaction of authorities, pointing out that military police have only been deployed at 100 hospitals.

“We demand that all hospitals be secured, not only 100 hospitals, because the recent assaults that took place did not differentiate between small and large hospitals,” the statement said.

The statement lists the doctors’ demands, which include a long-term security force for hospitals that would be present all the time and the issuance of a law on hospital security that would strengthen penalties against hospital attackers and punish security personnel who leave their posts or do not adequately secure hospitals.

“The president could issue the proposed law with the stroke of a pen, which would make a great difference for hospital security,” the statement added.

The doctors held the Cabinet, the Interior Ministry, the military council and the presidency fully responsible for assaults on hospital staff.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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