Doctors to strike Tuesday for better working and living conditions

Egyptian doctors plan to strike Tuesday to demand better work conditions for medical staff and improved services at the country's hospitals, according to a statement released by members of Egypt's medical syndicate.

The protests will not affect patient care, according to the statement, which was prepared by a panel of doctors on Monday after a meeting of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate's general assembly.

Their demands include interrogating syndicate chief Hamdy al-Sayed for failing to comply with previous demands made by the doctors, according to the statement.

They are also calling for Sayed's remarks to be removed from the syndicate's website, saying his comments are at odds with the doctors' collective views.

The panel agreed that strikes should not include emergency, surgical or reception employees, and that any who do participate will be subject to disciplinary action.

The doctors will call for an open strike on 17 May if the government does not respond to their demands, the statement said.

According to press reports, Sayed predicts that strike participants will not exceed 20 to 30 percent of syndicate-registered doctors.


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