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Disney on Ice show to be held at Cairo International Stadium

Cairo International Stadium will host Disney on Ice, which will run from Thursday, December 22, until Saturday, December 31.

This will officially make this the last stop of the Disney on Ice shows in the Middle East and North Africa.

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice is a series of ice shows produced by The Walt Disney Company.

The shows are primarily appeal to children, as skaters perform the show characterized by various Disney world identities. 

The Disney on Ice shows came to the world for the first time in Japan in 1987.

By 1988 Disney held five tourism shows and the shows were changed to the name Disney on Ice.

Since 2008, Disney began a new Disney on Ice show every year.

Disney on Ice 2022

The show dubbed “Mickey and Friends”, includes many famous Disney characters.

The unfolding story revolves around the journey of Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on a quest of their favorite memories.

The audience can be part of the show as its participatory.

The interactive style is in the form of helping your favorite characters through the use of an interactive tablet as the characters go on adventures in the interesting world of Disney. 

This is the official site :

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