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‘Disney on Ice’ kicks off in December in Cairo, after 15-year absence

Cairo International Stadium will host “Disney on Ice” shows from December 21 to 31, which is organized by Feld Entertainment in cooperation with Dino Activations, under the auspices of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry represented by the Egyptian Tourism Authority.

The announcement came during a press conference held on Monday, in a hotel in Cairo, as the show returns to Egypt after an absence of about 15 years.

CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority Amr el-Kady explained that entertainment is one of the largest economic activities in the world and is receiving great attention.

He pointed out that the return of Disney shows again to Egypt is a message to the world that Egypt is able to organize such global events, and highlights the rare of cooperation between the government and private sectors and the role of the government sector to empower the private sector and motivate it to play its role.

Egypt will be the last stop for Disney’s Ice Show in the Middle East, after Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Kady noted that the new media strategy for Egypt prepared by the ministry with a specialized international alliance during 2021, to promote the Egyptian tourist destination, which aims to highlight it with a new mental image as a vibrant destination through events, festivals and entertainment shows

One of the goals of these shows is to introduce a new type of entertainment activities to the Egyptian family, and Disney on Ice show will present a bouquet of the most enjoyable exceptional entertainment shows with a group of Disney stars that give the Egyptian audience an atmosphere full of vitality and enthusiasm, and provide the opportunity to watch in front of a large number of viewers.

Egypt represents an important center for culture and the arts, and all government agencies are keen to provide support and make the necessary facilities to produce these shows in the best picture, in a manner befitting Egypt’s position as one of the most important cultural and entertainment stations in the Arab world.

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