Diesel fuel shortage easing, says Cabinet


The Cabinet discussed fixing the country’s diesel shortage and combating smuggling during Wednesday’s session.
The Cabinet said the number of districts and municipalities suffering diesel shortages had declined from 122 to 95 over the past week, accounting for a 22 percent decrease.
The number of districts where the crisis remained stable increased from 111 to 142 over the same period.
However, many are still suffering from extreme shortages, according to the Cabinet.
The government has implemented numerous public campaigns to curb fuel smuggling in the last 10 days. New legal measures to combat smuggling are in the works as well, which has helped stabilize diesel supplies at some gasoline stations.
The Cabinet also reviewed the reserves of 13 foodstuff commodities. 
Wheat stocks will last until the end of the year if all local supply contract come through. 
Sugar reserves are also sufficient to last until 2013’s close.
Meanwhile, rice supplies were recorded at 3 million tons, which is enough until November. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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