Diesel crisis escalates as stations report shortages

The diesel crisis escalated on Wednesday as most fuel stations announced shortages. The government did not provide the amounts required to fulfill the need, even as state bakeries are about to close due to the shortage.

Large-scale congestion was seen at stations where diesel was available because of long lines of vehicles blocking roads. Drivers argued at stations located on the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road.

Taxi drivers raised prices, which led to arguments with consumers.

Meanwhile, the Supply and Social Affairs Ministry announced emergency measures to face the crisis. Fathy Abdel Aziz, head of monitoring and distribution at the ministry, said the ministry was giving priority to state bakeries to prevent any bread crisis but that bakeries have enough fuel for 10 days.

Supply and Social Affairs Minister Gouda Abdel Khaleq met with ministry officials on Wednesday, Abdel Aziz said. The minister demanded stronger campaigns at fuel stations to confront manipulation and sales on the black market.

Abdel Aziz blamed the crisis on the higher demand for diesel and people stocking up on the fuel after drivers experienced the shortage at stations. He said fuel stations were instructed not to sell fuel in jerrycans.

Regarding the butane gas cylinders shortage, Abdel Aziz said the issue is about to be resolved and that selling cylinders using coupons will significantly improve the situation.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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