Detained army officers request to meet with MPs on SCAF corruption

Detained army officers have requested to meet with Parliament’s Defense Committee in order to expose corruption of the army under SCAF’s leadership, as they put it. Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) detained the officers last year for joining protests against the ruling military council.

The request came in as a statement from the April 8 Officers Supporters Movement, and was quoted by several news agencies.

The officers want to meet with the Defense Committee in order to maintain “Egyptian national security,” the statement said. The statement also expressed confidence in the Parliament that was chosen by the people to “cleanse the country of corruption.”

"If the army really belongs to the people, we turn to the real owners of the Egyptian army, who are represented by our elected deputies, for them to investigate what we have to say," the statement said, adding that this calculated and well-studied move is an important step toward overthrowing the authoritarian military government.

According to Egyptian news reports, 22 army officers languish in military prisons for joining protests against the military council last year.

Their families staged a demonstration in central Cairo on Saturday to demand their release, saying they swore allegiance to Egypt and not to the ruling military council.

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