Demos denouncing Alex church blast continue for fifth day

Scores of young activists from diverse political groups on Tuesday staged a candle vigil before Democratic Front Party headquarters in the Sidi Bishr district of Alexandria, close to the site of the New Year’s Eve church bombing.

Citing incompetence, they demanded the resignation of the interior minister, the city’s security director and Alexandria’s governor for failing to prevent the attack.

Meanwhile, civil society organizations issued a statement saying the attack targeted Egypt’s security and stability.

Haitham Abu Khalil, director of the Dahaya Human Rights Center, recommended installing surveillance cameras at places of worship, while the movement Engineers Against Sequestration called for heightened security at holy places.

In Minya, hundreds of Copts staged demonstrations before the Minya Diocese on Wednesday, prompting security forces to cordon off the area.

In Assiut on Tuesday, hundreds of angry young Copts held demonstrators and toured the city amid tight a security presence.

In Luxor on Tuesday, 2000 Muslims and Christians held demonstrations before the Abu Haggag Mosque in the center of the city. They were joined by 400 Coptic protesters who marched there from the Virgin Mary Church. Demonstrators clashed with security as security detained them inside the church.

In Hurghada, residents reported on two cars without number plates that had been parked unattended for several days. Security services cordoned off the area and sent a bomb squad to inspect the vehicles.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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