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Demonstrations in world capitals to stop the war on Gaza as Egypt-China meet to discuss crisis

Tens of thousands of demonstrators participated in massive marches in capital cities around the world as part of the “Global Day of Action” to demand an end to the war on the Gaza Strip, amid Egyptian-Chinese fears of the expansion of the conflict in the region due to tensions in the Red Sea.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi discussed with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Wang Yi, developments in the situation at the international and regional levels, especially the Israeli army’s ongoing escalation in the region.

Sisi stressed the necessity of a ceasefire in Gaza to protect civilians and put an end to the catastrophic humanitarian conditions, defuse tension in the region and avoid fueling regional instability.

The meeting witnessed the affirmation of Egypt and China’s agreement on the necessity of adhering to international law, the complete and categorical rejection of individual and collective forcible transfer, and the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land.

The meeting also stressed the need to address the roots of the crisis through a just and comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian issue, based on the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in accordance with the decisions of international legitimacy.

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry discussed with his Chinese counterpart the views on the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The two sides agreed on several matters, including the necessity of an immediate and complete ceasefire, stopping all acts of violence, killing and targeting of civilians and civilian facilities, and rejecting and condemning all violations of international law.

The two ministers indicated their close follow-up of developments in the situation in the Red Sea and the importance of reading these developments in relation to the situation in Gaza as a major cause of them.

They also expressed concern about the expansion of the conflict in the region.


Sweeping demonstrations across the globe

Many cities and capitals witnessed massive demonstrations, especially in Europe and the United States under the “Global Day of Action,” called for as the war on Gaza reaches its 100th day.

The protests come to support the Palestinian people and demand an end to the brutal war.

In Washington DC, thousands demonstrated to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and to reject US support for Israel, and a massive march reached the White House.

Thousands demonstrated in the center of the British capital, London, in solidarity with Palestine.

In Italy, thousands participated in a demonstration in the capital, Rome, called for by the Palestinian student movement and in Romania, hundreds of people demonstrated in the capital, Bucharest, waving Palestinian flags.

The Swiss city of Basel witnessed a demonstration in support of Palestine, demanding an end to the war on Gaza.

In The Hague, the Netherlands, hundreds of demonstrators in solidarity with Palestine continued to demonstrate in front of the International Court of Justice to demand the prosecution of Israel.

In South Africa, massive demonstrations took place in several cities to demand an end to the war.

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