Demons in the Radio

Malamih Publishers is known for publishing young authors, especially their first works. One of its newest titles is the short-story collection Demons in the Radio, by young writer Mohammed Kheir, who has already released two collections of colloquial poetry. Notably, at a time when nearly all writers of every generation have abandoned the short story for the novel, Kheir gives us something that can only be expressed in that nearly extinct form.
In the slim collection, he offers us a fully formed, yet anxious life, filled with an unprecedented amount of violence, fear, and loss. The author is not concerned so much with being understood as being accurate; still, he does not delve into things, but rather touches them from afar to get at what he wants to write about.

‘Afarit al-radio, Mohammed Kheir, Dar Malamih, 95 pp.

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