Democratic Front meets, mulls election boycott

The Democratic Front Party will hold an urgent meeting of the party’s high council on 11 May to discuss its recent decision to boycott parliamentary elections.

“Many of the party’s members have opposed the high council’s resolution,” said Margret Azer, the party’s secretary general. “Among them are members based in the governorates outside Cairo, who have accused their representatives at the high council of making the decision without consulting them.”

Azer said that “there is a desire to annul the boycott resolution, because it is negative and will be unproductive as long as the party take this step in isolation. But, if many parties can reach a consensus on the boycott, we will welcome the resolution.”

Party chief Osama el-Ghazali Harb, for his part, said, “The party’s parliamentary candidates have requested that the resolution be reconsidered. After approval by one quarter of the party’s authority, an urgent meeting has been set to deal with this issue.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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