Democratic Current not to participate in Wafd Party conference

Medhat Zahid, Acting Chairman of the Popular Socialist Alliance Party, said the Democratic Current will not participate in a meeting sponsored by Wafd Party and that Chairman of the Karama Party who will participate Mohamed Samy does not represent the current.
He will attend to listen and exchange views, said Zahid, pointing out that the candidates on the unified list are at odds with the Party and Current political ideology and beliefs and violate the criteria agreed upon to choose candidates.
These conditions are also not available on the list of Ganzoury, he added. The lists include former regimes symbols and are formed on ​​the basis of quota.
The unified list will take the country back to the era of totalitarian while the Constitution recognizes the multi-party principle, he said, noting his party can not be in one team with those who describe the January 25 revolution as a plot.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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