Deer spotted in Wadi al-Gemal for first time in 6 years

A team of environmental researchers in the Wadi al-Gemal reserve spotted a gathering of 15 gazelles near the valley of Kub al-Khawara in the Red Sea governorate.

Mohamed Ali, director of the Wadi al-Gemal Nature Reserve, confirmed that this event was the first of its kind in more than six years.

The herd of deer indicates that the reserve is a suitable environment for these rare animals, Ali added.

A¬†program — based on several axes — is being implemented to secure the entrances and exits of the protected area. It includes updating databases and monitoring the biodiversity of the protected area.

Several patrols are regularly dispatched to the various valleys of the reserve to identify developments of the local wildlife, and to protect and conserve natural resources.

The director of the Red Sea Reserves stressed that the Wadi al-Gemal is a fertile pasture, very capable of hosting wildlife, in terms of the diversity of its biological and geological components.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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