December trial date set for 6th October police accused of torture

The 6th of October’s Court of Misdemeanor chose 7 December as the date to commence the prosecution of three police officers who are charged with abusing a citizen held in their custody.

Shady Maged Saad Zaghloul was allegedly held in police custody for five days last year after being accused of dealing drugs. Zaghloul was allegedly beaten by three officers from the 6th of October second police department. An investigation later found that Zaghloul was held illegally.

Zaghloul’s family submitted a report to the prosecution and had him released from jail. The family accused the officers of torturing Zaghloul.

Zaghloul’s release was followed by a month long investigation, during which prosecutors listened to the testimony of the three suspects, in addition to the victim and other prisoners. Fahmy Rasekh, head of the 6th of October prosecution, referred the officers to criminal prosecution supervised by Hamada el-Sawy, attorney general for South Giza prosecutions. The public prosecutor approved of the decision and a date for the trial is being determined. 

The Forensic Medicine Authority found that signs of torture on his body matched his allegations. The authority said that a piece and wood and a leather belt were used to beat Zaghloul.

The three police officers have denied allegations of torture. Sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the same officers are being questioned over involvement in a case where a man was thrown from his balcony in Cairo.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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