Death toll rises to 12 in protests after Port Said football disaster

The number of protesters killed in clashes with security forces in the wake of Wednesday's deadly football riot has risen to 12, an Egyptian health official said on Saturday.

Hesham Shiha, deputy health minister, said in a press statement that the ministry has received reports this morning of five new deaths in Cairo and three new deaths in the port city of Suez.

Earlier on Saturday, an Egyptian security official told the state news agency that five people died on Friday in Suez when security officers opened fire on several thousand protesters outside police headquarters.

However, Suez police said that two protestors were killed by civilians, not police. The police said they have identified those responsible for killing those two protesters.

"I am always on good terms with the people of Suez and its revolutionaries, and everybody in the governorate knows it would be impossible that I order the shooting of revolutionaries, because I consider them my sons," Suez Security Directorate chief Adel Refaat said Saturday.

The suspects took advantage of the protests to create chaos and used two cars to commit the crime, he said.

Mohamed al-Touny al-Sagheer, 18, was killed Friday evening after being shot in the head during clashes between protesters and security in the vicinity of Suez Security Directorate. He was a member of the Ultras Ahlawy, a group of hardcore football fans. 

Earlier on Friday the Suez Public Hospital announced the death of Alaa Abdel Moneim, a protester who died on his way to hospital after being shot in the chest.

On Thursday, two young protesters were killed in the city. The prosecution referred their bodies to the forensics team in Ismailia, and they are expected to be returned on Saturday evening for burial in Suez. 

The hospital announced that 120 protesters have been injured in Suez. The injuries include suffocation as well as birdshot and live bullet wounds. Citizens converged on the hospital to donate blood in response to a call from the hospital's administration.

The number of protesters injured by birdshot has reached 35, the hospital said.

The Suez Security Directorate said 10 police personnel were injured by either live bullets or birdshot.

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