Death on air!

Morsi died and was buried in six hours.

It’s all over.

But don’t ask me what happened, or how it happened. There aren’t any concerns that this was a criminal matter. The whole incident occurred on air, in front of the members of the Guidance Bureau’s state, in front of the whole court…. In front of Morsi’s relatives and his lawyer.

It isn’t in the interest of anyone to kill Morsi, as they claimed, and I’m not disclosing a secret when saying that the state was protecting Morsi!

It’s true that the state protected him, put him under tight security, feared for this end, concerned that the Muslim Brotherhood could get of him, because he is an exposed card. Every Brotherhood member is a “card” and once exposed, they dispose of them as if they were were just a bathroom tissue.

The state knows that the group wants to embarrass the regime.

When death came, he didn’t ask for it. He collapsed in the court, not his cell. It was a surprise nobody was prepared for. The president was on a European tour. If we were to rejoice at his death this is not the time, when the country prepares for the Africa Cup of Nations.

The story is that the state was business as usual. Morsi was eating and drinking with the power of 1000 horses. At first I said this was the reason, and then he fell unconscious and so it was decided to bury him in the cemetery of Wafaa and Amal.

Our functioning institutions did not leave the matter to circumstances. Though it’s true the death was sudden, the procedures were clear: the Prosecutor General requested records of cameras in the court and the dock, the medical team checked the body.

The children of the deceased were present, the defendant’s lawyer was present. Everything was almost perfect for procedures. No one hesitated. They buried him in his residence, not in his birthplace! There’s no difference between the hometown of the deceased and his place of residence.

As the burial place isn’t special, as long as the funeral was normal, and as long Brotherhood members witnessed the death, all that’s left now are claims of oppression. The Brotherhood is using this story to make gains just like they used religion.

Those who know the Brotherhood know how Morsi really died, but those who don’t know them are influenced by their propaganda, sympathizing with their dark propaganda and calling him a “martyr!”

God wished to spoil the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideas of conspiracy. God wanted to expose them in public.

What would have happened if he died in the cell? Stories would have been made up, narratives would have been written… Lies, rumors would have been circulated and some misguided and confused people will believe it. The report of the Prosecutor General was inclusive, as the whole case was between the hands of the judiciary, and no one can interfere with it at all!

And I do not forget when I alerted after June 30 the possibility of Morsi being kidnapped. The other scenario was the bombing of the plane taking him from Burj al-Arab to the Police Academy. The idea was that Morsi doesn’t actually matter for the Muslim Brotherhood.. only significant for the state as a high-level Presidential defendant.

Morsi didn’t matter for the Brotherhood until he died, and here emerges the importance of using this death in the battle against them!

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